PhysCompass is a contact-based, very low-friction, angular position and speed sensor that promises to be accurate, reliable, and extremely easy to use. Based on vernier interpolation, PhysCompass can measure the angle of any rotating object with a resolution as fine as 0.6° and a range that has no limits!

Datasheet and other Documents

  • Adaptable for rods, pendulums, rotors, etc.
  • PhysInstrument Class: Digital
  • Connects with PhysLogger
  • Direction sensitive
  • Hardware tare
Typical Applications
  • Investigate nonlinear and chaotic motion with a magnetically controlled pendulum
  • Discover the principles of rotational mechanics
  • Explore the profound physics of pendulums and oscillators
  • Track the rotation of a motor, shaft or any pivoted component
  • Biomechanical and clinical measurements
  • Robots and vehicles
Tech Specs
Range: Unlimited
Accuracy: ⩽ 0.6°
Resolution: ⩽ 0.6°
Moment of Inertia
Moment of Inertia: xx
Coefficient of friction
Coefficient of friction: xx