I,V and
R Probes
Current Voltage and Resistance
The I, V, and R Probes are highly adaptable, plug and play modules to measure current, voltage, and resistance, respectively. Each probe hosts a banana socket which can accept several kinds of connectors to interface with other equipment and circuits.

Datasheet and other Documents
  • Intuitive and wizard guided configuration
  • PhysInstruments class: Analog
  • Hot pluggable
Typical Applications
  • Explore Ohm’s law
  • RC circuit calculations
  • Model the response of a thermistor
  • Investigate Maxwell’s equation
  • Investigate laws of electromagnetism
  • Monitor electrochemical reactions
  • Measure the conversion of sunlight to electricity in your solar cells
Tech Specs
I Probe
Ranges: ± 10 A, ± 1 A, ± 10 mA
Resolution: 0.05% of full scale range
Measurement method: in-circuit series connection
V Probe
The voltage resolutions and ranges are determined by PhysLogger.
Optical isolation: None
R Probe
Available Ranges: 10 kΩ, 100 kΩ, 1 MΩ
Resolution: 0.1% of full scale range
Uncertainty: ± 5%
Measure method: Potential divider